Wednesday, May 24, 2006

jr speaks

Foreword and Disclaimer

[Dear gentle reader,

I am only a humble Mexican house-cat, and your faithful servant, but as sole proprietor of Juniortown I feel it is my obligation to apologize in advance for Mr. Rosenberg's coarse language and imagery, not to mention his unsavory remarks about the Master Itten. It is not our policy, however, to censor or alter the content of literary contributions, especially when they have been donated gratis. Also, let it be said that we here at Juniortown are in no position to be interpreting the Master Itten's words and meanings, however, I cant help but believe that Mr. Rosenberg missed a wonderful opportunity in his treatise by overlooking the sly juxtaposition of ''enlightened'' and ''craftsman '' meant to illustrate the ethereal conflict inherent in a work of art. I am not so arrogant as to try to define specifically what that undefinable is. It is visual art after all. It can only be truly understood with the open eyes and an open mind.

Best wishes -- Sincerely, Jr.]


Anonymous grauk said...

Humble Mexican house cat? I heard a rumor that Junior has a transgender brother/sister who is at least part Polish and was living on the street for years! True?

9:50 AM  
Blogger juniortown said...

The truth about JR's illustrious tranny sibling Govinda/Luke is that, sadly, s/he is no longer with us. Life was good at the end though: Govinda/Luke got fat on an endless supply of cat food in a can, lounged in comfort, and went for spa treatments. S/he is missed...

12:09 PM  

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